Cheap Escorts

Most people find it fun traveling around the world. And Martin’s love for exploration landed him in London. London has been among the top cities he always dreamt of visiting in his lifetime. On the second day of his seven-day visit to London, he visited the bar at the hotel where he was staying. After having a drink or two Martin noticed some beautiful girls across the bar with sufficiently exposed thighs. He invited two of the girls to his table and asked the waiter to supply them with drinks. As they waited for the drinks, one of the girls moved closer to him, resting her arm on his shoulder while the other hand caressed his chest. She offered herself to him at a negotiable price. The second escort shortly followed suit, though at a slightly cheaper rate. One thing was for sure, the two escorts were beautiful. Martin pondered for a while, and decided his journey to London would seem incomplete without enjoying the company of one of these escorts.

After drinking the drinks that Martin had ordered for them, the two escorts continued with their price wars. One of the cheap escorts boasted of her long experience in the industry and promising to slash her fee further if indeed was out of budget for Martin. She also boasts of the wider range of services she offers her clients, including blowjobs and anal sex. The second escort could not match that offer at a similar price. Martin hired the cheap escort and took her to his hotel room.

While in the room, Martin spent some time chit-chatting with his escort before they started any sexual activity. Yvonne (the escort) slowly started taking charge. It did not take long before Martin found himself in a world of pleasure. Yvonne proved her verbal resume, providing Martin with everything he wanted and more. Martin confessed to Yvonne that the blowjob she gave him was the best he had ever had. Yvonne was not afraid of to let Martin cum in her mouth after they had sex, which he felt was an amazing bonus to an already over-the-top experience. For once Martin felt the power of his money, though he’d not spent much. Martin knew this was one amazing experience he would never forget. He would have never guessed he could have such a great time with cheap escorts in while in the great city of London.

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