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When I left Cheap London escorts, I was not so sure I was going to find the right guy for me. Working for London escorts is a bit of an odd career and a lot of guys find it hard to accept. Lots of girls who used to work for a fantastic London escorts service never talk about and many of them lie to their new partners. I was not going to go down that road, and decided to be honest with the guys I met after leaving London escorts. If they felt I was not for them, so be it.

After I left London escorts, I sat up my own beauty business. I had earned pretty good money when I worked for London escorts so I had been able to pay for beauty training. The business was doing really well, but I was personally not doing so well. I missed not having a love in my life and felt a bit down at times. Still, I was rather content. The business was doing well and seemed to be growing almost every day. Greenwich is a good area of London to work in and I lived there as well.

Some days, I just never thought I would meet a nice guy. I did have a social life of sorts and was always going out with friends, but it was not the same thing as going out with a guy. A couple of the girls who had left London escorts around the same time as me, were having problems finding a nice guy as well and I was beginning to wonder if I moved in the wrong circles. In the end, I decided to take a look at my lifestyle. It had not changed a lot since I left London escorts and I was still hanging out with the same people.

In the end, I decided to join a local walking club. They met in Richmond and as far as I knew, not one of former colleagues from London escorts, was a member. The members of the club all come from the Greenwich part of London, and I thought it would give me a chance to meet some local gents. Most of the members were a bit older than me, but that did bother me at all. I just wanted to meet some new people, and I thought this would be the best way of doing it.

A couple of weeks later, I met this really nice guy called Tony. He used to work abroad and he had a lovely personally and was not hung up about my former career with London escorts at all. We started to go out a lot, and soon fell in love with each other. Tony liked doing the same things as I did, and it was clear that we had a future together. Am I still a member of the walking club? Well, Tony and I are really involved with the club and organize walks all over London. I love walking and you can certainly say I am walking with a new bounce in my step since meeting my Tony.

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