My Magic Man List

Do you know what you want in a man? It is true, most girls including charlotte escorts, want to marry the man of their drams. The honest truth is that the man of your dreams is not always easy to find. My mum said when she was young, she was encouraged to make a list of all of the attributes that she wanted to see in a man. When you stop and think about it, it is not such a bad idea. I decided that I would follow her lead and spend my London escorts breaks creating my own Magic Man List.

Are looks important? Yes, there are girls who think that looks matter more than anything else. But, when you have been working for London escorts for a while, you soon realise that not all of the good looking guys are the best. I think that you need to ask yourself if looks really are that important when it comes down it. You will find that most London escorts decided to leave good looks of their Magic Man List.

Does he have to be rich? I am not sure that matters. I have dated a lot of rich men during my London escorts and not all of them have been nice. Other London escorts would probably agree with me on this one. The guys who really seem to appreciate London escorts are normally the regular guys. I find it is the average guys who like to look after his girlfriend, bring her presents and love her as much as he can. I would say that dating a nice guy is better than dating a rich guy who is not nice to you. Many rich men might not appreciate you, however it does not mean all rich men are the same.

What about values? That is really important. I think it is essential that you have the same values as your partners. The only way that you can find if your future partner has the same values as you do, is by opening up a conversation with him or her. Since I have been with London escorts, I have learned that it is really important to listen to what someone has to say. You can soon learn if you are sharing the same values or not. It may take some time, but you will learn a lot of things along the way.

Setting common goals is important. Your magic man has to be someone that you want to share the rest of your life with. The only way you can carry on living happily together, is to make sure that you have common goals. Don’t assume that those goals are going to set themselves. If you want to make them come true, you need to take charge of them. I have a really successful London escorts career, but I have only been able to enjoy my career, because I set myself career goals. If you can create partnership goals with your man, I would say that you have found your magic man.

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